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The Dwendalian War Inciting Incident

Dec 29, 2020

I’m running a Wildemount campaign and this is the encounter I ran in our last session. It was 100% improvised at the time, but I liked it and I decided to write it down as a proper encounter, so here it is! Normal[?] content will resume next time :3

An Opera House

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The Golden Rule of TTRPGs

Dec 22, 2020

The Golden Rule of TTRPGs is a variation of: these rules are just recommendations you are the final arbiter of what your game actually needs and you should feel free to ignore or modify these rules as required. It is very good advice, so why do I have conflicting feelings towards it? Today I argue with myself and get nowhere except a bit enlightened.

A wall to wall filled bookcase

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T. Monk's Advice on RPGs

Nov 24, 2020

A beatdown piano with the legend Marshal & Mendel. Established 1853. Albany, New York

In 1960 Steve Lacy wrote down advice given to him by the ever great Thelonious Monk. This list, entitled “T. Monk’s Advice (1960)” has come down amongst jazz players ever since. Jazz is an improvised form of music, but improvised does not mean “random”, improvisation comes from an agreed framework… very much like we improvise the RPGs we play. We agree on a framework, game rules, and we begin playing from there.

Today we apply T. Monk’s Advice to RPGs.

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Qué tan a menudo tirar los dados en Dungeons & Dragons

Nov 18, 2020

Un par de dados d20. Uno negro, mostrando un uno. Y otro verde, mostrando un 15

¿Qué tan a menudo en una sesión de D&D tiras dados? Hay gente que tira para todo y hay gente que preferiría nunca tirar. Pero ¿hay un número al qué apuntar de con qué frecuencia tirar?

Si pensamos que tirar un éxito como algo positivo para los PCs ¿Cuantas tiradas pueden esperar hacer antes de tener éxito? Si alguna vez has conocido a alguien a quien no le gusta tirar, porque podrían fallar ¿has considerado qué realmente deberían tirar más en vez de menos?

Hoy vamos a hablar de estadísticas, y dar muchas opiniones sobre cómo funciona tirar dados en Dungeons & Dragons.

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How often to roll dice in Dungeons & Dragons

Nov 18, 2020

A couple of d20 dice. One black, landed on a one. The other one green, landed on a 15

How often per D&D session do you roll dice? There’s people who roll for everything and people who’d prefer never to roll at all. But, is there a sweet spot of how often should players roll?

If we think of rolling a success as a net positive for PCs, how many rolls can they expect to make before succeeding? If you’ve met that person who doesn’t like rolling because they might fail, have you considered maybe they should roll more often instead of less?

Today we talk about statistics and give plenty of hot takes on how rolling works in Dungeons & Dragons.

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